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inspired third post

james-brittain-photojust came back from the dog park with stella, who is kind of my dog in that she lives in my house.  technically she belongs to my roommates.  they’re out of town at the beach today, and its wa-a-a-ay too nice a day today to spend inside, so i loaded stella in the car and found my way to the dog park.  a lot of people had the same idea, and we got some vitamin D and exercise.  i chased her to one end of the park and back, which is probably the most exercise i’ve done in a while.  i haven’t been feeling well, mentally, lately, but being out in the sun and running about and being around lots of dogs has improved my mood a little.  i’m glad that spring is on its way!  i am a person whose moods are directly impacted by the weather.  sure i get down during spring and summer, but its nothing compared to the deep, dark recesses my mind goes to when its cold and grey outside.  



i’ve been reading a lot of design blogs lately, mostly design*sponge, which updates a lot.  that’s where i found this room, designed by james brittain.  its got those weird baby legs and disembodied torso, which is mildly terrifying, but the rest of it i like.    check it out at the site!


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illustrious second post


nicolette-kitchenyou know what’s a weird word?  credenza.nicolette-desk











workspace and kitchen counter by floral designer nicolette camille.
images taken from  design*sponge 

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historic first post




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